"I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures."
Lao Tzu

Tai Chi is the ancient art for total fitness. It involves a sequence of slow controlled movements. Both Yang and Tai Chi Chuan styles are taught. Tai Chi boosts energy, endurance, and mental clarity while enhancing health, mind, and spirit. 16 and up. Bring water.

Hatha Yoga is suitable for all ages incorporating slow-paced gentle stretching and breathing exercises with guided meditation. Master Mark will talk you through the asanas. Gain flexibility, build strength, and alleviate stress. Bring a mat and water.

Kenpo Karate builds confidence and teaches self defense. Especially good for children. Karate helps them learn to focus and follow directions.

The Karate class is taught by Master Mark, a certified Black Belt. Ages 7 to 100 welcome.

Chi Gong is the art of self- healing and fitness. Gentle movements cultivate your vital energy to improve overall health and nurture your spirit. Non-impact exercises offer deep relaxation, balance (physical, emotional, spiritual), and stress relief. Chi Gong helps create longevity, health, enjoyment, and energy. 16 and up. Please bring water.

Self-Defense equals unshakeable self-esteem. Learn techniques for "real life" situations. Increase awareness, confidence, mental clarity, and focus. No previous experience in Martial Arts is needed. Wear everyday clothing. Open to all ages.